iPhone 3Gs Speech Translator App, Featured in Apple “Backpacker” TV Ad

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple’s latest iPhone ad “backpacker” has this really cool iPhone translator app. It’s like having a personal translator. Speak into the iPhone app and it can translate between English and Spanish!

Apple iPhone Jibbigo Speech Translator App

Apple iPhone 3Gs Ad: Backpacker

One step closer to an universal translator iPhone app:

The iPhone app featured toward the end of the Apple TV Ad is the Jibbigo Speech Translator. It translates both to and from the different languages, in both speech and text. Available in 3 languages:

The price range of the iPhone speech translator apps range from $24.99 to $27.99.

But considering that Spanish dictionary in plain paper form, without any spoken translation feature, can cost as much as $50 for the Oxford Spanish Dictionary, $33 at [amazon link], the iPhone app could be worth it for those who can’t differentiate maƱana from manzana.

Note, many users recommend Apple’s current latest and greatest iPhone 3Gs for these apps due to the processing power required. The Spanish-English app has decent reviews, but the Chinese and Japanese versions seem to be newer and not as well tested.

I wonder if it understands Argentine Spanish?

No Data Connection Charge

The Jibbigo Speech Translator iPhone App does not require internet access to work. Thus, there is NO data connection charges while traveling!

Apple iPhone Ads [apple]


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3 Responses to “iPhone 3Gs Speech Translator App, Featured in Apple “Backpacker” TV Ad”

  1. For a pay for app, this thing looks top notch. Especially if you have the iphone 3GS, which I don’t, but am eagerly awaiting my 2 year contract to end so I can get the contract price. Until then, I will stick with the free spanish translation from SpanishDict.com. They have a fabulous mobil version with 3 different translators all on one page.

    • Thanks. Kudos for having a mobile optimized version.

      The problem is that web access is expensive or non-existant for those traveling to a foreign country, and a website like that requires web connectivity.

      (Roaming data access are usually charged by the kb, and the bills might end up costing more than the app which doesn’t use data.)

      Also, the mobile web site does not speak the result, although that will probably consume even more data.

  2. In that case, for the people that don’t have access to internet, they can download the SpanishDict app. It’s free and has 2 dictionaries, a talking phrasebook, a word of the day, and a word game. No internet connection required. Not a translator, but using the dictionary in conjunction with the phrasebook could be pretty helpful.


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