iPad X-Ray Made with Mac

Friday, April 23, 2010
By OP Editor

Want to know what the inside of the Apple iPad tablet look like? Here’s the closest thing to having X-ray vision, made with Mac.

Front side, Apple iPad tablet X-Ray

Recently, there was an iPad disassembly stop motion video, now you an see the iPad components via a medical x-ray.

A Japanese blog, which roughly translates into “Orthopedic Dr. Ambition newly opened (reckless) diary,” posted the iPad xray. Doctor Ambition seems to be an Apple fan and Mac user. The iPad x-ray was processed with Mac OS X OsiriX DICOM Viewer medical imaging software.

Gallery: Apple iPad tablet X-Ray

OP Editor has performed some photoshop enhancements, and made image composite with front and back photo of the Apple iPad, using the right orientation for the iPad x-ray.

[miya sei (Japanese)
via a bunch of places and giz]


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