iPad, Easter Church Service Cameo: Is It Holy?

Monday, April 5, 2010
By OP Editor

Instead of putting iPad through the “will it blend” test, maybe we should ask: “is it holy”?

Apple iPad Church Cameo

Some have called the iPad the Jesus tablet. Some even made photoshops of “holy” Steve Jobs. But would you have expected the new Apple iPad tablet to show up in church a day after its release?

Apple iPad tablet, Easter Church Service Cameo

Messiah Lutheran Church in Vancouver, WA went high tech this Easter: A church officer recites her Easter bible reading with the new Apple iPad, captured on photo only 1 day after the Apple tablet was released.

The specific version of the bible used was emailed to iPad in a Microsoft Word document, which was opened with the Apple’s touch optimized word processing app “Pages” [itunes link], works perfectly.

iPad on Easter Sunday [gizmodo]


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