H1tler Parody Video: iPhone 4G Prototype Lost? AND Gizmodo Got It?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
By OP Editor

What happens if H1tler runs Apple and finds out about the lost Apple iPhone 4G prototype? Hilarious spoof!

Humor, H1tler runs Apple, finds out about lost iPhone 4g prototype

Latest spoof using the award winning film Der Untergang / Downfall [amazon link].

This video is all about the Apple iPhone 4G prototype, said to be lost at a German beer garden at Redwood City, California by an Apple engineer.

Parody Video: Apple iPhone 4G Prototype Lost? AND Gizmodo Got It?

The funny spoof subtitles are made by Michael Ingram Jr.

The parody video did not mention that the Apple iPhone engineer was drinking German beer. However, the subtitle script is pretty tight and I don’t see a place for it. Do you?

Lost iPhone 4G that wound up in the hands of @Gizmodo [mingramjr]
http://vimeo.com/11085989 for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad


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