Great Moments in Gizmodo History, Rooster Teeth Comic & OP Analysis

Sunday, April 25, 2010
By OP Editor

After the Gizmodo iPhone 4g questionable acquisition story came out this week, Rooster Teeth, known for their RedVsBlue machinima and humorous productions, examines the great moments in Gizmodo history.

Great Moments in Gizmodo History

Great Moments in Gizmodo History, Rooster Teeth

Great job by Rooster Teeth summarizing so much in so few words. Here’s OP Editor’s take:

Gizmodo writers are no stranger to controversy and sensational stories.

  • 2007: Gizmodo trolls X-Box Halo 3 fanboys with a prank apology “Halo 3 Swag Rebagging,” in which Brian Lam, now Editorial Director, drops a rare press kit that includes a Halo Master Chief helmet collectible off his balcony.
  • 2008: Gizmodo reporters pranked CES with TV-B-Gone, turning off TVs during sales presentations and demos, disrupting commerce, resulting in certain Gizmodo writer being banned from CES. Gizmodo apologized.
  • 2010: Gizmodo purchased iPhone 4G prototype under questionable circumstances. Millions of views when the story broke. They justify the shady dealing with a story that has some major plot holes. (The “founder” of the iPhone 4G prototype knows the name of the iPhone owner, but never contact the iPhone engineer or informed the German beer bar about the “found” iPhone. That results in a ongoing criminal investigation.)

So what kind of journalistic masterpiece will Gizmodo think of next? Rooster Teeth offered one possibility. Judging from the increase in level of Gizmodo flame-baiting and consequences, Rooster Teeth might not bee to far off.

Gizmodo: Master-Baiter

Well, Gizmodo writers seem to be fun-loving people with a history of pranks. They even prank co-workers, as they did recently with a photoshop contest to embarrass their colleagues.

Giz writers are also known to occasionally bait readers with sensational headlines. Baiting for page views. Not a surprise as they are owned by Gawker media, build on gossip (it’s SURELY 100% truth there). Some writers are even complimented as being the Gizmodo master-baiter.

Note that Gizmodo gets pwned too when the bait is extended too far. So who is keeping score?

But hey, it’s entertainment. Everybody should grab a beer and laugh it up. Well, maybe except Gary Powell, unless I am sitting next to him in a German beer bar. (But to be honest, I’ll probably get hammered before he does, so that might not work out too well. Yeah, I am a cheap date. =p )

Comic [roosterteeth]


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