First iPad DJ! Rana Destroy the Silence Experiment (Video)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
By OP Editor

Mac girl Rana June Sobhany experiments to be the first iPad DJ by using 2 Apple iPad tablet, App Store Apps, and a mixer. She’s even got her first gig just weeks after getting her iPad.

Apple iPad DJ Rana Sobhany

Video: First Experimental iPad DJ

“Destroy The Silence is an experiment. No laptops, no synths.” Named after Depeche Mode song Enjoy the Silence.

She’s got a MacBook Pro too but doesn’t use it for the iPad only DJ rig. The experiment by Rana Sobhany is an awesome demo of iPad potential as a portable tool for content creation:

Rana ventures to rock the house with only apps downloaded from the App Store.

iPad DJ Apps Used by Rana in Destroy the Silence Experiment

Korg iELECTRIBE, $9.99
Korg iELECTRIBE App, Rana Apple iPad DJ Kit

IK Multimedia – Groovemaker House, $9.99
IK Multimedia Groovemaker House App, Rana Apple iPad DJ Kit

Looptastic HD, $9.99
Looptastic HD App, Rana Apple iPad DJ Kit

iDaft 2, free (iPhone App)
iDaft 2 App, Rana Apple iPad DJ Kit

AC-7 Pro, $9.99
AC-7 Pro App, Rana Apple iPad DJ Kit

Pianist Pro, $9.99
Pianist Pro App dual keyboards, Rana Apple iPad DJ Kit

Rana said traditionally, barrier of entry for DJing is very expensive, requiring specialized equipment / software. Not so with the iPad experiment.

Her whole DJing rig consists of 2 iPad, Apple App Store apps, and a mixer. She was able to put it together, learn, & experiment with the setup in 2 weeks at a great price point.

About Rana [destroythesilence]
via gizmodo


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