iPhone iPad OS 4.0 New Features, Multitasking, Ebooks, Games, iAd, & More

Thursday, April 8, 2010
By OP Editor

Apple previewed the iPhone OS 4.0, with features such as Multitasking, Folders, Unified Email InBox, iBooks Support, more Enterprise features, Game Center, and iAd mobile advertising.

Apple iPhone OS 4

The developer preview of iPhone OS 4 is released TODAY. The new features will be available summer 2010.

iPhone OS 4.0 contains 1500 new APIs designed to open up various iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad functionalities to third party developers.

1. Multitasking Services

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 adds multitasking while preserving battery life and performance, by making these services available to developers:

  • Background Audio (Pandora)
  • Voice over IP (VOIP apps and perhaps Skype)
  • Background location (turn by turn navigation or social networking, users can enable or disable by App)
  • Push notifications (being used by millions)
  • Local notifications (apps can set reminders such as when a TV show is on)
  • Task completion (such as upload photos to Flickr in the background)
  • Fast app switching (store state of app and resume when you come back)

1 apple iphone os4 mutitasking

2. Folders for Sorting Apps

Currently 180 apps over 11 pages, with folders in OS 4.0, iPhone can hold over 2000 apps

2 apple iphone os4 folders for sorting apps

3. Enhanced Mail app

The enhanced mail app in iPhone OS 4.0 includes:
Unified inbox, multiple email accounts come into one screen
Fast inbox switching to go to one account

3 apple iphone os4, enhanced mail unified inbox

4. iBooks support

Buy once and read anywhere. Sync current page and bookmarks with iPad.

4 apple iphone os4, ibook ebooks for iPhone iPod touch

5. Enterprise features

Encryption, Wireless App distribution, multiple exchange accounts, SSL VPN Support, and more.

5 apple iphone os4, enterprise features encryption wireless app distribution, eschange SSL VPN

6. Game Center

iPhone OS with 50,000 games and entertainment titles, already has more games than Nintendo DS (4321) and Sony PSP (2477). Now social gaming network is coming to iPhone. Challenge a friend, matchmarking, leaderboards, and achievements.

6 apple iphone os4, Gaming Center, social experience

7. iAd, mobile advertising

Optional. No need to open browser to see an ad. Designed for interactivity without leaving the actual app. 60% revenue goes to developer.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Introduces iAd Mobile Advertising on iPhone OS 4.0
7 apple iphone os4, iAd features

Device Support

Available summer 2010. The developer preview of iPhone OS 4.0 is released today.

Device Support for iPhone OS 4.0:
Multi-tasking: iPhone 3GS and latest iPod touch
Some features: iPhone 3G and 2nd gen iPod touch
iPad support this fall



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