Apple Releases iPhone, iPod Touch to iPad Conversion Tool: iMushroom

Thursday, April 1, 2010
By OP Editor

Today, Apple CEO Steve Jobs demos iMushroom, a new product designed in Cupertino to revolutionize gadget upgrading.

Apple iMushroom for iPhone iPod touch, iPad conversion tool

Until now, iMushroom was only a concept in video games such as Nintendo Super Mario Bros. The concept product sitting around as a perceptual prototype was never meant to be a product accessible to real consumers.

But today, iMushroom, the Apple magic mushroom joins Magic Mouse and magical iPad to become a real product.

What is iMushroom?

The Apple iMushroom is a conversion tool for existing iPhone and iPod touch to make them grow into the large iPad tablet.

iMushroom is very easy to use. Just bump your iPhone or iPod touch with the iMushroom, and boom, your Apple touchscreen device becomes the new iPad tablet. It just works!

Apple iMushroom conversion tool for iPhone iPod touch, upgrades into iPad

Critics of Apple iMushroom iPhone, iPod touch to iPad Conversion Tool

Armchair critics are out in force on internet forums, ignoring the various new patented innovations introduced with the Apple iMushroom.

PCNormal critics said the spots of the iMushroom industrial design shares some similarities with the iMac G3 spotted dalmatian, arguing the new Apple product is “old and rehash of old ideas,” thus should be ignored:

New Apple iMushroom not innovative, similar to iMac G3

Meanwhile, Apple’s new iMushroom is expected to revolutionize gadget upgrading.

Microsoft Responds to Apple iMushroom iPhone, iPod touch to iPad Conversion Tool

Sweaty Steve Ballmer

Hours after Apple made the iMushroom announcement and demo, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, appearing sweatier than usual, goes on camera to read from a statement:

Microsoft Releases Zune Mushroom Live Pus+++ Platform™

“From Redmond, Washington, Microsoft’s new Zune Mushroom Live Plus+++ Platform™ will be available in all 2 US Microsoft retail stores sometime in the future.

Microsoft has been working on this innovative technology for years, using our patented Microsoft Vaporware Plus Live technology, we will use (oops we meant work-with) our partners to drum up some vaporware to prevent some people from buying this new Apple product.

We know our vaporware effort against the Apple iPod, iTunes music store, iPhone, and iPhone App Store all failed miserably, but we promise we’ll do better this time.”

Barely after Microsoft CEO delivered that statement, Microsoft apologists claim the HP’s Late Mushroom model (somehow sounding like HP Slate), which has no specs, no feature list, no price, and no delivery date, will be the Apple iMushroom killer.

Exclusive: Steve Ballmer Microsoft Mushroom Platform Press Release Leaked

Thanks to the magical of the Apple iPickpocket App, OP Editor has an exclusive chance to look at the draft of the new Microsoft press release:

Exclusive, Steve Ballmer Microsoft Mushroom Platform Press Release Leaked

Unfortunately, the rest of the statement was drenched in Steve Ballmer sweat and beyond salvage.

Meanwhile, consumers are excited at the new innovative product from Apple. Some hope it will help usher in the next decade of Apple wins.

PS. The advertising agency responsible for the iMushroom poster mention that they ran out of room so they are re-branding iPod touch into iTouch.

The the original iPhone + Mushroom = iPad image source is attributed by gizmodo to, but that doesn’t seem to be the person who made it. So, let us know if you know who made the original image.

Microsoft CEO photo is real, not a photoshop. The rest of the photoshops are by OP Editor.


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