3D FPS Quake 2 Engine HTML5 Port: Adobe Flash Quake in fears

Saturday, April 10, 2010
By OP Editor

The classic first person shooter game Quake 2 and its game engine are ported to bleeding edge HTML5 browsers by engineers on the Google Web Toolkit team. Demoed on a Mac.

3D FPS Quake 2 Engine HTML5 Port, Adobe flash shake in fears

Great demo of HTML5 based online gaming, created on the 20% personal project time Google employees got for experimenting with modern web technology. No perpetual beta Adobe flash plugin required.

Video: 3D FPS Quake 2 Engine HTML5 Port

The project creator describes their HTML5 port of Id’s Quake II game engine:

“We started with the existing Jake2 Java port of the Quake II engine, then used the Google Web Toolkit (along with WebGL, WebSockets, and a lot of refactoring) to cross-compile it into Javascript. You can see the results in the video above — we were honestly a bit surprised when we saw it pushing over 30 frames per second on our laptops (your mileage may vary)!”

The video caption:

This is a browser
WebGL 3D Graphics
HTML5 Canvas
HTML5 Audio
HTML5 WebSockets
HTML5 LocalStorage
Up to 60fps
Online Multiplayer
Safari and Chrome

Its creator mentioned “bleeding edge browser” required. (Aka Apple Safari or Google Chrome).

Look ma, no plugin! [google]


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2 Responses to “3D FPS Quake 2 Engine HTML5 Port: Adobe Flash Quake in fears”

  1. Don

    If I were Adobe, after seeing ‘Quake’ running in HMTL5, I think I’d be ‘quaking’ in my boots!


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