Musicians: Sheet Music App for iPad

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
By OP Editor

For musicians carrying around heavy boxes of sheet music / scores: there is an iPad App for that!

Apple iPad tablet sheet music app forScore

ForScore is a new iPad App [itunes link] that could be really useful for some musicians. The app features:

  • 1300 pages of music score from 18 world-renowned composers
  • Use your own PDF sheet music
  • Annotation feature
  • Visual metronome & audible metronome

Apple iPad tablet sheet music app forScore features

Looks great for version one of the software. Seems to be a lot of potential for it. Perhaps a bluetooth foot pedal for flipping sheet music?

On the App availability: “ForScore should be available for the iPad launch, but until further notice, you should assume that this app is still unreleased.”

Update: now available [itunes link]

forScore [forscoreapp]
via The iPad Is Perfect for Sheet Music [gizmodo]


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3 Responses to “Musicians: Sheet Music App for iPad”

  1. WOW! If this works as well as you say, it would be totally worth the purchase for these functions alone. All my sheet music in one, easily searched place? A Tango Orquestra librarian’s dream come true!

    • Looks like there might be potential for this type of app. Some ideas floated on the web includes automatically scrolling book, or something synchronized by conductor.

  2. Lindsay Lebresco

    This is exactly what I’m looking for but for tabs vs. sheet music/scores. My husband is a acoustic guitarist & he performs with notebooks on his music stand (he plays a huge library of songs & lots of requests but he doesn’t have a lot of the music memorized) This would be awesome for him (and like @amazingv-worth the purchase of the iPad alone)

    Does anyone know if that app/functionality exists?


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