iPad Official Accessories Part 2: Missing & Newly Confirmed

Friday, March 12, 2010
By OP Editor

In January OP has covered the prices of the new 6 official iPad specific accessories for the Apple tablet. Today we got more details from Apple Store, including the seemingly missing sixth iPad accessory.

Apple iPad Camera connection kit, elusive sixth accessorty MIA

Elusive Sixth iPad Accessory: Camera Connection Kit

Five of the six new iPad accessories can be pre-ordered. However, something is missing and seems to be as elusive as the “leaked” iPad in elevator photo.

Although it’s on the Apple non-store iPad pages, iPad Camera Connection Kit seems to be missing from the Apple Store. Instead, the order page has various substitutes such as Apple Wireless Keyboard as the sixth iPad accessory.

It’s not like we’re care that much (if we do a photo shoot, we’ll bring a 17″ MacBook Pro). But it seems odd to forget 1 out of 6 iPad accessories. Please keep in mind, does Amazon Kindle has one planned? No. How about the Barnes and Nobel Nook? No.

Apple Store: iPad pre-order page

Apple Store iPad pre-order page, elusive sixth iPad accessory

Apple Store: iPad accessories main page

6 Apple iPad accessories, elusive Camera Connection Kit missing

Apple Store: iPad accessories page

Elusive iPad accessory Camera Connection Kit missing

Newly Confirmed: Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Works with iPad tablet

There have been mentions of Apple wireless keyboard working with iPad through Bluetooth. But there were no official confirmation until now:

Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard works as iPad accessory

That means existing iPhone and iPod touch are very likely to get a bluetooth keyboard update, either from Apple or through third party jailbreaking.

iPad Compatibility with Apple Headphones with Remote and Mic

The original Apple iPad specs page lists only headphone jack for iPad.

Apple confirms compatibility of iPad with Apple Headphones with Remote and Mic. That’s good news for those who already got the iPhone headphones. It can be used to control the iPad, that means iPad probably has the 4 prong headphone connector just like the latest iPhone and iPod touch.

The more expensive version is listed, but this iPad accessory uses the same connector as the standard Apple Headphones with Remote and Mic:
iPad tablet optional accessories include Apple headphones with remote and microphone

Apple iPad VoIP over 3G & WiFi

As mentioned earlier by OP Editor, iPad VoIP is expected to work on both 3G or WiFi. iPad has built in microphone, and will work with the Apple Headphones with Remote and Mic or third party accessories with industry standard 4 prong headphone connectors.

Apple Store [apple]


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