Google Reveals Secret Business Strategy, Discusses Buzz, iPhone Inspiration

Tuesday, March 23, 2010
By OP Editor

In a video address responding to inquiry by, Google “spoke person” discusses the issues surrounding Google Buzz, and reveals the Google business strategy behind the creation of google products.

Google spokes person reveals secret business strategy, discusses Buzz, Apple iPhone inspiration

Why do you need Google Buzz? Is the Google phone inspired by the Apple iPhone? Why did Google buy YouTube? Google spokesperson Chip Dunn reveals its secret business strategy!

Video: Google reveals secret business strategy

It’s enlightening to learn all about Google’s amazing, original ideas. At least Google is still open and free… Open and free to do whatever it wants with Google users.

Google Threatens To Kill Users – [youtube]


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One Response to “Google Reveals Secret Business Strategy, Discusses Buzz, iPhone Inspiration”

  1. Don

    So funny, mostly because it’s so true!


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