Apple Smartphone Lacks Security? iPhone Hacked / Cracked in 20 Seconds? The Whole Story

Wednesday, March 24, 2010
By OP Editor

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Microsoft Windows 7 / Mozilla Firefox Hacked

Microsoft Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8 Security

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claims “Windows 7 is simple to use, responsive, and unobtrusively secure.” There are even some claims that Windows 7 is the most secure OS available. Well, it was hacked at Pwn2Own 2010.

Pwn2Own, thezdi [twitter], Zero Day Initiative:
“Peter Vreugdenhil (@WTFuzz) succeeded against Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 with a technically impressive exploit bypassing DEP.”

DEP is the Microsoft “secure” Data Execution Prevention security measure.

Microsoft Windows 7 Internet Explorer 8 hacked, Pwn2Own 2010, CanSecWest

Mozilla Firefox Most Secure Browser?

Some claim Mozilla Firefox is the most secure browser available.

Pwn2Own, thezdi, Zero Day Initiative:
“Nils from MWR InfoSecurity (@MWRLabs) succeeded against Firefox on Windows 7.”

Mozilla Firefox hacked, Pwn2Own 2010, CanSecWest

Myth: Google Chrome “Not Hacked” At End of Contest First Day (Not Scheduled)

Google Chrome is not scheduled for the first day for some reason. Of course, someone will misinterpret it as Google Chrome browser is “still not hacked at the end of first day.”

Pwn2Own announced: “Wrapping up for the day. Chrome remains untested and therefore the only browser left standing.”

Google Chrome Left Standing, Pwn2Own 2010, CanSecWest

Yes, it does say “remains untested,” but the structure of the sentence could be easily misquoted as “Wrapping up for the day. Chrome … only browser left standing.” Again, Chrome was not tested, that’s why it’s still standing.

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  1. Don

    A great and insightful post, and one that I quoted from on my own little blog – thanks!

    ["blogpsot" typo corrected to blogspot - OP Editor]


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