Doritos Tablet Funny Ad: Spice 2.0 iPad Spoof!

Saturday, March 13, 2010
By OP Editor

Funny Apple iPad Senior Staff Walkthrough spoof video.

Apple Parody iPad spoof doritos tablet spice 2.0, Bill Miller as Phil Shiller

Could this be the Apple iPad inspired revolution? DoritosCanada: “They say that chip technology doubles every two years. We’ve disproven that limitation.”

Video: Doritos Funny Ad, Spice 2.0 iPad Spoof

The Doritos homage to Apple, iPad, Web 2.0, and viral videos:

Instead of Apple’s:
Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Product Marketing
Jonathan Ive, Senior Vice President, Design
Scott Forstall, Senior Vice President, iPhone Software

Doritos’ Funny ad has:
Bill Miller, Senior Vice President, Doritos Worldwide Marketing:
Bill Miller, Phil Schiller, Apple iPad Spoof Doritos Parody

Tony Jive, Senior Vice President, Doritos Design:
Tony Jive, Jony Ive, Apple iPad Spoof Doritos Parody

Otto Mandell, Senior Engineer Doritos Seasoning:
Otto Mandell, Scott Forstall, Apple iPad Spoof Doritos Parody

The Doritos-iPad can be held up, down, sideways, with Multi-taste interface. Genius!

Update 2011 March: original video removed (probably due to end of campaign), so we updated to working version.

Apple Senior Staff Doritos Spoof


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