Plant vs. Zombies Breaks iPhone Game Sales Records in Apple App Store

Friday, February 26, 2010
By OP Editor

How long does it take to generate a million dollars in revenue from a $2.99 game? In just 9 days, the popular game for Apple iPhone and iPod touch from PopCap generates over $1 million in revenue. Plant vs. Zombies was released less than 2 weeks ago.

PopCap Plant vs. Zombies iPhone game

The hit game Plant vs. Zombies [iTunes link] has sold over 300,000 copies in 9 days since its release in the Apple App Store. That means over a million dollars in sales in two weeks for this humorous tower defense styled game.

Plant vs. Zombies breaks the record set by Tap Tap Revenge [iTunes link], a guitar hero inspired game from Tapulous which generates over $1 million per month.

So looks like ngmoco has some major competition in the hot iPhone OS video gaming sector.

Video: Plant vs. Zombies iPhone Game Trailer

In the Olympic Games spirit, Plant vs. Zombies even has zombie bobsled teams!

Plants vs. Zombies breaks records on the iPhone [tuaw]


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2 Responses to “Plant vs. Zombies Breaks iPhone Game Sales Records in Apple App Store”

  1. Tom Ross

    ngmoco? Ha ha ha. The self-styled First Party Publisher of the iPhone. A bunch of grandstanding moneyburners who haven’t had an original game idea since they launched Rolando in 2008 and, as a publisher for other studios, barely manage to put out one title per quarter.

    What hit games have they had recently? They don’t have a single entry on Apple’s Top 30 for 2009. [1] They’ve changed to freemium publishing, but it’s been a big flop so far, with unanimously negative reviews for their nickel and diming. Right now I don’t see any of their titles in any of the AppStore charts, be it the paid, free, top grossing charts or the games category. Maybe they’re in some of the games subcategories, who knows.

    They were likely not among the top 10 game publishers on the iPhone before they bought Freeverse. Today the Top 10 would be Gameloft/Ubisoft, EA (these two are vying for the #1 spot, with a string of hits, often selling for $5 to $10) as well as Digital Chocolate, Chillingo, Lima Sky, Tapulous, Digital Illusions, SquareEnix, PopCap, Glu, Firemint and/or a few others.

    [1] Top 2009 App Store Sellers: Games
    [Edit, OP Editor: link replaced with OP iTunes link.]


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