Nexus One Sales Fail: Comparing iPhone, Droid, N1, First Month Demand (Chart)

Saturday, February 6, 2010
By OP Editor

Demand graph: Apple iPhone vs. Android Droid, Nexus One. Wall Street Journal reported that the Google-branded HTC Nexus One suffered slow sales.

Nexus One Not Superphone According to First Month Demand Sales, iPhone superman

Sales of Nexus One, the self proclaimed “superphone,” is no match for Apple’s original iPhone, iPhone 3G, or latest iPhone 3Gs.

According to analytics group Flurry Inc., Google sold about 80,000 Nexus One mobile phones in its first month on the market, roughly one-eighth the number of units of the original Apple iPhone.

But this is 2010. Why compare the numbers of the 2010 Nexus One to the 2007 iPhone?

Flurry Nexus One iPhone Droid First Week Sales Comparison chart

Flurry also recently estimated that Nexus One only sold about 20,000 in its first week. Compared to the most recent version of Apple’s industry leading iPhone, the iPhone 3Gs have outsold the Nexus One 80 to 1 in its first week of sales.

Compare Nexus One, Droid, and iPhone sales figures in a chart form and you’ll get this:

Original iPhone vs. Droid vs. Nexus One First Week, First Month Sales

iPhone 2007, Droid 2009, Nexus One 2010 unit sales comparison

Nexus One Sales Fail Comparing iPhone, Droid, N1, First Month Demand

iPhone 3Gs vs. Droid vs. Nexus One First Week, First Month Sales

iPhone 3Gs 2009, Droid 2009, Nexus One 2010 unit sales comparison. Note how the iPhone numbers were estimated in the next section.

Nexus One Sales Fail Comparing iPhone 3Gs, Droid, N1, First Month Demand

Estimate: iPhone 3Gs First Month Sales, Over 2.8 million Sold

Apple did not release the first month sales for the 2009 iPhone 3Gs (first month sales for the 2008 iPhone 3G is often made plural into 3Gs by reporting error), and there doesn’t seem to be an estimate of the first month sales of iPhone 3Gs, so we are making a rudimentary attempt for our chart.

Fact: Apple released the iPhone 3Gs in June 2009. Apple has sold 5.2 million iPhone 3g and iPhone 3Gs in 2009 Q3 which ends in July 2009.

Estimate: Flurry estimated that 1.6 million iPhone 3gs were sold in the first week of sales. Deduct 1.6 million of first week from the quarter iPhone sales, the three month sales are 3.6 million iPhones, which averages to 1.2 million iPhone per month. Thus 1.2+1.6 = 2.8 million iPhone 3Gs in its first month of sales.

Keep in mind due to people holding off for the new iPhone, the real number of iPhone 3Gs first month sales should be much higher. Thus it’s highly likely that Apple has sold more than 3 million iPhone 3Gs in its first month of sales.


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