Google SuperBowl Ad Spoof, (Get a Mac Version)

Thursday, February 25, 2010
By OP Editor

Mac or PC? Let Google help you with that. Here’s a great Apple inspired spoof of Google’s “Parisian Love” Superbowl Ad.

Google SuperBowl Ad Spoof, Apple Get a Mac Version

Video: Google Parisian Love Superbowl Ad: Apple Get a Mac Parody

The video creator described that it’s meant to be a parody of his true PC horror story:

“If I was bashing a PC user…it would be myself. Everything I put in that video related to my two days of frustration after I was forced at work to get a new Dell laptop, upgrade it to Windows 7, and proceeded to have trouble with the bluetooth, crashes (well, lockups), and general pull-my-hair out because it was so lame frustration.”

Google Superbowl ad Parody (Get a mac version) [macrumors forums]


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One Response to “Google SuperBowl Ad Spoof, (Get a Mac Version)”

  1. TGB

    Awesome. Simple and clever.


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