DIY iPad Papercraft Mockup: 3 Improved, Apple Tablet V2 iPapercraft

Sunday, February 7, 2010
By OP Editor

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DIY iPad Mockup #3, Our Apple Tablet V2 iPapercraft, Yzinn’s Design, Improved

3. DIY iPad Papercraft Mockup, improved, Apple Tablet V2 iPapercraft

We took the iPad iPapercraft mockup by modeler yzinn and made improvements!

OP Improvements
- Home printer ready
- Centered home button (original is slightly off center)
- Realistic screen size (original is slightly off)
- Optional swappable screen

How to
- Set file at 150 DPI, do not resample the file
- Cut along solid lines, fold on dotted lines, glue yellow parts
Recommended: glue the two pieces together and wait for it to dry before gluing the rest of the parts

iPad OP iPapercraft photoshop setting

OPTIONAL (Swappable screen iPad papercraft version)
- Print the Swappable screen version
- Cut at the 4 white lines at the edge of display
- Use a black pen or marker to color in the white lines after cut

Printing Suggestion, card stock
- Front on glossy paper
- Back on matte paper

- Front, DIY iPad mockup V2 iPapercraft.jpg (344KB)
- Front, swappable screen, DIY iPad mockup V2 iPapercraft.jpg (328KB)
- Back, DIY iPad mockup V2 iPapercraft.jpg (1MB)

Coming soon:
- iPad mockup swappable screen, app store
- On screen keyboard

Keep in mind that Apple owns the intellectual property, so these are provided for personal use only. There is no reselling, no use on merchandise, etc.

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