DIY iPad Papercraft Mockup: 3 Improved, Apple Tablet V2 iPapercraft

Sunday, February 7, 2010
By OP Editor

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Besides the iPad mockup we made available few days ago, various versions of mockup Apple iPad tablet full scaled mockup are appearing around the web. Here are two additional DIY iPad iPapercraft, and we’ve made a version with improvements!

DIY iPad papercraft mockup v1 Jess Silverstone

You can already make a mini DIY papercraft Apple CEO iPad Keynote, and we have provided vague instruction on how to make a high resolution, full scaled iPad mockup a few days ago.

Now there are 3 better versions of the papercraft iPad, including our improved, high resolution Apple iPad tablet V2.

Mockup #1: Blocky, easy to make (shown on top with optional Apple wireless keyboard)
Mockup #2: More accurate model, requires large format printer
Mockup #3: Even more accurate model, home printer ready

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