DIY 3d Papercraft Tribute of Steve Jobs Apple iPad Keynote: iPapercraft

Friday, February 5, 2010
By OP Editor

Can’t get enough DIY Apple iPad art? Here’s a fun project to pay tribute to Steve Jobs’ Apple iPad tablet unveiling keynote.

3d Papercraft Tribute, Steve Jobs Apple iPad Keynote

You can already make a DIY full scale, Apple iPad mockup, now you can make a mini iPad and mini Steve Jobs!

iPad iPapercraft

TubbyPaws illustration / character design: “Now you can have your own little apple product announcement on your desktop at home anytime when ever you want!”

Here’s a cropped preview of the iPad iPapercraft:
DIY Apple iPad Steve Jobs Keynote art, iPapercraft crop

To make your own Steve Jobs apple product announcement,

It’s happy block 3d paper craft tribute [tubbypaws]

via Adorable Papercraft Diorama of Steve Jobs Announcing the iPad [albotas]


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