Top 10 Apple Mac Tablet, iPad Concept Art

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
By OP Editor

Even with a $100,000 bounty, real images of the elusive Apple Mac Tablet, MacBook Slate, or iPad prototype doesn’t seem to be in sight. So while we wait for the real Apple tablet, with rumored release date of January 27, 2010, here is our top 10 list of Apple tablet concept art.

1. Folding easel mac tablet, Top 10 Apple Mac Tablet iPad Concept Art

So which one of these top 10 Apple Mac tablet concept art do you think is the closest to the long rumored mythical slate that might change the publishing industry?

Gallery: Top 10 Apple Mac Tablet, iPad Concept Arts

In no particular order:

Which is your favorite? Got something better? Let us know by posting a comment.

Reference: Top 10 Apple Mac Tablet, iPad Concept Arts

  1. Folding, self supporting Mac tablet concept with wireless backlit keyboard, [CrunchGear]
  2. Original iPhone aluminum back inspired concept [iPhoneSavior]
  3. Docking “tablet brain” concept [Gizmodo]
  4. Full Mac OS X, simulated piano tablet concept [Mobile Magazine]
  5. Larger iPhone cover flow Mac tablet concept [Gizmodo]
  6. E-book, dock, & external keyboard Mac tablet concept [Adam Benton]
  7. Comprehensive mockup and feature wish list [MacLife]
  8. Folding Mac tablet concept [Macrumors forums]
  9. MacBook Slate 2010 concept [iPhone Savior]
  10. Folding Mac tablet concept, keyboard, easel, stylus [Macrumors forums]

If you know the original artist that are not referenced, post it!


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