Real Life Spider Man is Mac User!

Sunday, January 24, 2010
By OP Editor

He’s no Tobey Maguire but here’s a video of real life Spider-Man who climbs his ceilings! So if there are footprints on your ceiling, it’s probably this mountain climber getting to his Mac.

Real life spider man, ceiling

An inventive mountain climber makes his residence a rock climbing heaven. With simulated rock climbing surface installed on his ceiling and walls, this Mac user dangles and scales through his residence without using the floor.

Real life spider man, Apple Mac laptop

Video: Real Life Spider Man is Mac User!

Definitely an unusual way to get to his Mac.

He makes it look so easy… as easy as using a Mac! (rimshot!)

Do you have a cooler way to get to your Mac? Leave us a comment below…

Home Rock Climbing [break]

Mountain Climbing Site, Portuguese / English translation [gentede montanha]


Looks like the real life spider man and his mountain climbing friends have travelled from Argentina to Tibet:


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