“Leaked” Microsoft Retail Store Concept Sketch!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
By OP Editor

Humorous concept sketch of Microsoft retail store reveals the unspoken Microsoft plan, including details of their App Store software selections, theater presentations, and really smart guy bar! All the stuff they copied from the Apple Store, with the Microsoft touch. It even shows the Microsoft focus on security!

“Leaked” Microsoft Retail Store Concept Sketch, V1.0

Leaked Microsoft Retail Store Concept Sketch v1.0

Forget about MS Store copying the Apple Retail Store, as there is no Apple Genius Bar anywhere in the concept sketch. Looks like Microsoft actually thought of everything for once!

The awesome Microsoft Retail Store Concept Sketch is by Microsplot. It’s a great satire with high attention to details. Featuring all the details that makes Microsoft:

  • Available software
  • Security
  • Contradicting spins on free
  • Versions, versions, versions
  • Long Lives Extended Useless Drawn Out My Product Names Live

They even scheduled a 10 minute presentation on Microsoft Innovation!

A huge win for Microsplot, and great summary of Microsoft fails.

[LEAKED: Microsoft Retail Store Concept Sketch!, MicroSplot]


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