iPad, the Future is Now (Apple TV Ad Spoof / Homage)

Friday, January 29, 2010
By OP Editor

A stunning, fan made Apple iPad ad by artist Woodrow Jang. Apple would be proud! Even features Tom Cruise Minority Report cameo of their version of futuristic multi-touch display. (“iPad, the Future is Now” video updated with working version)

Tom Cruise minority report, Apple iPad, the Future is Now, mac tablet TV ad

Apple iPad, the Future is Now, mac tablet TV ad

Video: iPad, the Future is Now (Apple iPad Ad Spoof)

This Apple homage video is simply titled “iPad.” It’s a great fan made music video / spoof iPad tv ad inspired by Apple’s latest creation, the iPad tablet.

iPad, The Future is Now, Working Video =)

(UPDATE) The original video was removed from vimeo, but it turned out that we have a copy!

Tablets in Hollywood / Popular Culture

The script of this fan made iPad ad starts with history of tablets in popular culture:

The future is now. Shows the possibilities of Apple iPad.

Song: Apple iPad, the Future is Now

The song is Strict Machine by Goldfrapp [iTunes link] [Amazon link]

“iPad” Woodrow Jang [vimeo] (original video removed: http://vimeo.com/9059176)


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3 Responses to “iPad, the Future is Now (Apple TV Ad Spoof / Homage)”

  1. Simon


    I am crazy after this vid, where does it disappear ?

    Bring the gold back !


    • Hey Simon, you are in luck.

      Tried to contact the video creator a while ago but he did not respond. However, it turned out that I had the video all along. =)

  2. Simon

    Hi again,

    you know, I was searching my firefox cache, but I couldn’t find the vid. Anyway, thank you very much for the reup! I’ll download this and guess what, keep it. :)



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