Howard Stern Sees Nexus One as Unoriginal, Appreciates Apple iPhone Innovations

Monday, January 25, 2010
By OP Editor

Radio personality Howard Stern talks about Nexus One, the new iPhone wannabe of the month. Stern sees Apple as the true innovator.

Howard Stern Sees Nexus One as Unoriginal, sees Apple iPhone as true innovator

Regarding Nexus One, the self-proclaimed “superphone,” Howard Stern sees no real innovation.

Howard Stern sees the Nexus One as based on iPhone: “Google has it’s first superphone for what appears to just improve on older gadgets, namely the iPhone.”

The show Producer Robin Quivers asked “Well what’s wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong with it is that you wish somebody could invent something fu*king new. Apple, you gotta hand it to them. They’re the ones that figured all this stuff out.” Stern voiced.

iPhone Savior has a great analysis on Apple iPhone vs HTC Nexus One: “If you believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Google is clearly the front runner in bowing down to Apple’s epic innovations… Is the Nexus One a ’superphone’? Let’s not mistake imitation with innovation. Stern gets it.”

Howard Stern Pimps iPhone Over Nexus One [iphonesavior]


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3 Responses to “Howard Stern Sees Nexus One as Unoriginal, Appreciates Apple iPhone Innovations”

  1. seth

    so cnet and just about all non apple affiliated blogs, tech magazines, and websites claim the nexus is better (it has better specs all the way around) but the opinion that matters is some used to be poplar NY shock jock? shall i throw in that the droid is Time magazines gadget of the year and Cnets smartphone, gps and gadget of the year?

  2. drh

    woah, I think the OP Editor totally trounced seth with that come-back……..nice..


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