Apple Store Horror Story: Awful Genius Bar with Evil Mac Genius

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
By OP Editor

Think Gizmodo’s publication of “true” Apple Genius Bar horror stories are not real enough? Here is a real horror story for you. This “real” video of an Evil Genius Bar is from a new Apple store in a New Jersey mall. The evil Apple Mac Genius is so horrible he’s the customer’s worst nightmare.

Apple Store Horror Story, Awful Genius Bar with Evil Mac Genius

The Middlesex, New Jersey Apple Store is home to Voltar, the Evil Mac Genius. Pretty awful Apple Store customer service captured on video:

Video: Apple Store Horror Story: Awful, Evil Genius Bar

Recognizing the awful Mac Genius, the long time Mac user, the Macenstein reporter even remarked: “I’ve actually been to this Apple store.” (He’s joking, of course, as this video is obviously a spoof / parody / humorous fictional drama).

Now THAT’S An Evil Genius Bar [macenstein]


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