Apple CEO, Steve Jobs iPad Candid Post Keynote Interview with Walt Mossberg, Video

Friday, January 29, 2010
By OP Editor

Short video of Steve Jobs about the new Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, battery life, and Pages, part of new productivity software suite for Apple’s iPad mac tablet.

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs iPad Candid post keynote video Interview with Walt Mossberg

Apple CEO Steve Jobs answers some pressing questions from Walt Mossberg on the new Apple iPad mac tablet. On this candid video interview, Steve Jobs answers questions on iPad e-book (iBookstore) prices, iPad battery life vs Kindle e-book reader, and iPad tablet’s use for productivity. Interview with Steve Jobs starts at 1:55.

Video: Apple CEO, Steve Jobs iPad Candid Post Keynote Interview with Walt Mossberg

Steve Jobs iPad FAQ

iPad eBook Prices Compared to Kindle eBook Reader

Mossberg has concern that the eBook prices will be $5 more than Kindle. Steve Jobs says eBook prices will be the same.

iPad Battery Life Vs. Kindle

When compared to Kindle e-Book reader, which has longer estimated battery life, Steve Jobs said “10 hours is a long time.”

Steve Jobs says the Apple iPad battery life for certain functions, will be significantly more than the estimated 10 hours for reading, browsing, or watching video. Apple CEO Jobs mentions iPad battery life will be over 100 (one hundred) hours for continuous music.

(Background: Kindle e-Book reader gets its longer estimated battery life by using very slow refreshing, black and white e-ink. E-ink has no video support, and a major complaint is that the Kindlge e-book e-ink display flickers when changing each page.

Apple’s iPad e-book reader isn’t using e-ink. Instead the iPad uses really beautiful color LED display. Apple iPad’s color display is instantaneous, can play videos, does not flicker.)

Steve Jobs on iPad Productivity Software, Microsoft Office Suite Compatible Substitute

Mossberg was wondering about productivity software on the iPad. Steve Jobs mentions Apple “Pages” software, which is similar to Microsoft Word. (Pages is part of the iPad optimized iWork productivity suite, Apple’s version of Microsoft Office.) Mossberg points out potential incompatibility of Pages documents with people that might only have Microsoft office.

Steve Jobs, regarding to pages documents on Apple iPad: “you can save it as Word version, and send it as an email to your editor… You can do it right now.”

BoomTown’s Apple iPad Day, Starring Walt Mossberg (Plus a Steve Jobs Cameo!) [allthingsd]
via Steve Jobs Gets Candid on iPad, Kindle, and Love Battery Life [gizmodo]


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3 Responses to “Apple CEO, Steve Jobs iPad Candid Post Keynote Interview with Walt Mossberg, Video”

  1. saberon

    Is it just me or did Jobs seem like he was cornered there? He was reluctant to answer most of the questions and didn\’t really give a solid answer…lol

    • Steve Jobs was just on stage for an hour and half, plus hours and hours of preparation.

      I would say he’s probably just tired from all the prepping for the keynote, and possibility a little ticked off from the jokes? Will write an article about the iPad name this week.

  2. robinson

    Mossberg was being typical Mossberg– look at the photo– even pointing his finger at Jobs, invading his personal space. It’s rude.

    Jobs was smart in his responses; direct, with succinct statements– he parried Mossberg wonderfully on the question of whether ebooks would be Amazon’s $10 or the publishers $15 by saying that they’d end up the same.

    The past days’ Amazon-MacMillan spat just shows what’s going on. It’s going to more the publishers’ pricing–via the iBook store–than Amazon and Kindle! The winner? Apple and the iPad!


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