2000-2009: Decade of Apple Conquests (Even Against Microsoft)

Monday, January 4, 2010
By OP Editor

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The decade ending in 2009 has been great for Apple. Despite some naysayers with their flawed stuck-in-the-1990s-mindset, Apple triumphed in a number of competitive markets, regardless of strong competition, amid the weak economy. Apple even scored significant wins against the formerly invincible monopolist Microsoft. As a result, Apple ends the decade near record-high company valuation.

2000-2009 Decade of Apple Conquests, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, App Store

Decade of Competition, Apple vs. Microsoft, 2000-2009

In the past decade, Apple has prevailed in all market spaces that are not controlled by a certain monopolist. Case after case, Microsoft’s efforts to emulate Apple and try to muscle into the market using the Microsoft Windows monopoly has failed.

Examples of Microsoft Fails against Recent Decade of Apple Conquests

Microsoft’s promise of yesterday’s technology, tomorrow (along with “features” including designed-by-committee, delayed release, and water-downed capabilities) is no longer fooling consumers in the most recent decade.

Microsoft Market Failures 2000-2009, PlayForSure, Windows Mobile, Zune, Marketplace App Store, no match for Apple

Some examples of Microsoft’s consistently over-promised and under-delivered “solutions” to Apple in the past decade, none of them has any significant impact on Apple’s marker leadership positions:

  • iPod vs. Windows Media Player vaporware in 2001
  • iTunes Store vs. PlaysForSure in 2004
  • iPod vs. Microsoft Zune in 2006
  • iPhone vs. Windows Mobile in 2007
  • Mobile Apps, App Store vs. Marketplace apps in 2008
  • Retail, Apple Store vs. Microsoft Store in 2009

After 8 years after iPod entered the market, Microsoft’s-iPod-wannabe portable digital player, the 2009 Zune HD still fails to catch up to iPod.

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