New Verizon Ad FAIL: iPhone beautiful / Droid kludge, which side are they on?

Saturday, December 5, 2009
By OP Editor

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You know what makes iPhone ads so great? It’s just 30 seconds of someone actually using the product. (Being rated as the best consumer and business smart phone by J.D. Power and Associates doesn’t hurt either.) Here is an Apple iPhone ad:

In contrast, Verizon wireless insults successful, beautiful people as clueless. Calling iPhone “pretty” in a disparaging way, while advertising its own Droid phone as “pretty.”

Verizon also implies they promote animal cruelty. In addition, the best analogy they can come up for Verizon’s newest phone is a comparison to decades old soviet technology, modified by rogue state dictators to kill civilians and U.S. soldiers.

Like that’s not enough, Verizon wireless also implies that Droid phones are as non-user-friendly as homicidal robots.

Verizon innovation: BEST anti-iPhone ad. Ever.

Great Responses to the Verizon Droid Pretty Ad

Some witty comments from macnn / electronista for your enjoyment:

So, Verizon’s marketing department is essentially saying that the Droid is as fast and unreliable as 1960’s-era Communist-designed, short-range missile with 1400 pounds of weight attached to it. That’s an insult to horses. Horse owners everywhere must be so pleased and rushing right out to Verizon stores right now.” – Dudeit

I think the duct tape, horse and SCUD missile image is probably right on. In other words, the thing’s an outmoded, outdated, taped-together kludge. They even emphasize the tape!” – eddd

I have always loved duct tape and missiles, but I would rather carry a beauty pageant queen with me at all times, hold her in my hand whisper in her ear and caress her gently.” – ggirton

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Droid ad calls iPhone a “pageant queen” [macnn]

Droid is Pretty [just another iPhone blog] via TheSpaz (Macrumors Forums)

1991 Gulf War chronology [usa today]


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7 Responses to “New Verizon Ad FAIL: iPhone beautiful / Droid kludge, which side are they on?”

  1. Oops forgot this one:

    Verizon Droid: get one and forget about beautiful girls, by destroying a phallic object near you!

  2. meowmeow

    What’s funny is the Droid is the much better phone. Who cares about ad campaigns, the Droid is superior on practically every level that the phones can be compared on.

  3. Good morning for all!

    I´m brasilian and i can´t find the significate of american word “kludge” to my idiom (portuguese brasilian).
    Please some people can i help me? (soory my bad english, rsrs)

    Thank you very mutch!

    • Hi Tomé, Thanks for visiting.

      A kludge is a clumsy solution / temporary workaround. The type of solution is often sloppily held by duct tape and would require rework later.

  4. UAU!

    Just it that i went!

    In Brasil the word is: “GAMBIARRA” rs.

    Thank you for your atention and reply!


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