New Verizon Ad FAIL: iPhone beautiful / Droid kludge, which side are they on?

Saturday, December 5, 2009
By OP Editor

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Droid = Racehorse + Duct Tape + Scud Missile

Q: So what does Verizon think is better than the industry benchmark iPhone?

A: By associating the Verizon Droid with “racehorse, duct taped to a scud missile.”

Verizon Droid kludge, racehorse duct taped to SCUD missle, obsolete, impractical, and no style

Wait a second, did Verizon just called their own Motorola Droid obsolete, impractical, and style-less? Let’s see…


Scud missiles: first developed by Soviets during cold war in the 1950s, it’s so antiquated / obsolete it’s no longer used by Russia. Instead, it’s produced by rogue state such as North Korea and formerly by Iraq under the Saddam Hussein regime.

Scud missiles are infamous from the Gulf war, where Iraqi military fired them at civilians and coalition forces.

Iraqi scud missiles often break into pieces upon reentry into earth, those that don’t break by themselves often got shot down by US anti-missile technology.

Desert Storm Destroyed Iraqi Scud Missile

A few scud missiles did manage to hit their target, on February 25 1991, a scud missile hit a U.S. barracks in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, eventually killing 28 and injuring 90, mostly U.S. soldiers.

How nice for Verizon to associate the Motorola Droid phone with scud missiles. Yes, it’s surely futuristic and state of the art, half a century ago.

No Style

Duct tape: the ultimate, fugly kludge used for inelegant quick fixes of problems. Here is a “mobile computer” case mod kludge made using duct tape.

Duct tape kludge, Mobile computing computer case mod

Duct tape for the win! Yes, it’s not beautiful. Mission accomplished.


Duct taping a racehorse: when is it ever useful to tape an animal to an explosive? Or tape an animal with duct tape?

Perhaps Verizon wants to encourage animal cruelty? (Perpetrator of this crime faces up to two years in prison on animal cruelty charge).

Cat wrapped in duct tape

FYI, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist (or mythbuster) to know that if you fire a race horse taped to a missile, the horse will die. A dead horse won’t go very fast or very far.

Shooting itself in the foot

Good job Verizon.

Alienate U.S. soldiers as potential customers by associating Verizon Droid phone to obsolete scud missiles that have killed U.S. soldiers. Animal rights people probably won’t be too happy either with the suggestion of animal cruelty.

Perhaps some people at Verizon got kicked in the head whey they were trying to duct tape the horse?

What’s next? Verizon Droid is the bomb; it’ll make an impact like a homicidal robot?

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7 Responses to “New Verizon Ad FAIL: iPhone beautiful / Droid kludge, which side are they on?”

  1. Oops forgot this one:

    Verizon Droid: get one and forget about beautiful girls, by destroying a phallic object near you!

  2. meowmeow

    What’s funny is the Droid is the much better phone. Who cares about ad campaigns, the Droid is superior on practically every level that the phones can be compared on.

  3. Good morning for all!

    I´m brasilian and i can´t find the significate of american word “kludge” to my idiom (portuguese brasilian).
    Please some people can i help me? (soory my bad english, rsrs)

    Thank you very mutch!

    • Hi Tomé, Thanks for visiting.

      A kludge is a clumsy solution / temporary workaround. The type of solution is often sloppily held by duct tape and would require rework later.

  4. UAU!

    Just it that i went!

    In Brasil the word is: “GAMBIARRA” rs.

    Thank you for your atention and reply!


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