Court Declares Psystar “Admitted Counterfeit” in Mac OS X Copyright Infringement Case, Apple Wins Summary Judgement – Highlights

Monday, November 16, 2009
By OP Editor

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Continued from first Page of Apple vs Psystar, detailed court findings

Psystar vs Apple, Court Determines: Psystar Admitted Counterfeit

Trademark Infringement or Fair Use?

Psystar uses Apple’s trademark “Mac” as part of its product name “OpenMac.” Psystar stopping using OpenMac as product name, now they use “Open[fill this in] with Mac OS X” instead. They still use Apple’s trademark, so they are hit with Trademark infringement.

Psystar responded to the trademark infringement portion of the case by claiming “use of Apple’s trademarks and trade dress is a nominative fair use.”

The court rejects Psystar’s argument based on Psystar’s “motion never fully addresses this issue.” [p15 5-6] “The burden of proof was not met by Psystar’s motion. ‘Accordingly, Psystar’s motion for summary judgment on nominative fair use must be denied’.” [p15 10-11]

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