Best Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro, Popular Science Top 100 Innovations of 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
By OP Editor

Popular Science recently named an Apple computer as the best laptop of 2009 in the “Best of What’s New 2009: The Year’s 100 Greatest Innovations” article. What makes Apple laptop the best in the field? Apple’s unique, patented technology on battery life, included with every MacBook Pro.

Popular Science 100 Best Innovations of the Year

Due to Apple’s design and technology (flat lithium-polymer batteries) MacBook Pros carry more power than similarly sized Windows PC machines with the same processor.

The uniquely efficient FLAT lithium-polymer batteries allows much longer run times without increasing the size or weight of Apple’s laptop.

Advanced chemistry and Adaptive Charging in Apple’s MacBook Pro notebooks is said to allows the battery to maintain charging capabilities longer. The battery in the MacBook Pro is designed and built with additional Apple technology to last five years or 1,000 recharges, multiple times typical PC battery life span.

Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer

Apple iChat multiple party video conference and screen sharing software, free with every Mac

Many world leaders, and successful entrepreneurs use Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Other technology specific to Apple MacBook Pro laptops:

  • Magsafe magnetic power connector that disconnects if the cord is tripped
  • Large trackpad for precise cursor control without a mouse
  • Multi touch trackpad
  • Built in multi-party video conference and screen sharing software from Apple
  • Virus free, low maintenance Mac OS X

MacBook Pro Named “Best Of 2009″ [cultofmac]
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