Microsoft Tries to Copy Apple Store, Scottsdale AZ Store Opening Reveals Extent of Blatant Plagiarism

Monday, October 26, 2009
By OP Editor

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Microsoft calls the design of their new Store “Uniquely Microsoft.” But is it really unique? Start reading from first page of: Microsoft New Store, Unique or Apple Store Copy?

Microsoft store vs Apple store

Microsoft’s First Failed Store: Back to 1999

Microsoft’s 2009 Press Release[1] calls the Scottsdale, AZ store as “the opening of Microsoft’s first-ever retail store.”

Microsoft says so, then it must be true. Or is it?

The Scottsdale AZ store is actually NOT Microsoft’s first store. The first Microsoft Store, MicrosoftSF, was unveiled over 10 years ago, on June 16, 1999 in Metreon Center, San Francisco. A Microsoft Press Release from 1999 confirms it[2].

There were no Apple Stores for them to copy at that time, so this is what Microsoft came up with.

Microsoft First Store in San Francisco is usually deserted

Such a bland place.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft President even said, in 1999: “We are delighted to be able to showcase in this one-of-a-kind retail environment the entire range of Microsoft software and hardware.”

MicrosoftSF offers more than 160 Microsoft software and hardware products. It is a “retail environment” that is suppose to be a “fun and informative place for people to shop for technology products.”

It was not very popular. Many report the Microsoft Store as deserted. Typical number of visitors are in the single or low double digits.

First Microsoft Store, MicrosoftSF, opened June 16, 1999 in Metreon Center, San Francisco  CA

Microsoft’s first retail store closed week of November 1, 2001 after slightly over 2 years.

The excuse: it was closed because MicrosoftSF, Microsoft first retail store “no longer fit the company’s core business priorities[3].”

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4 Responses to “Microsoft Tries to Copy Apple Store, Scottsdale AZ Store Opening Reveals Extent of Blatant Plagiarism”

  1. I deliberately didn’t look at your Web page until I had posted my own analysis of the second Microsoft store in Mission Viejo. Hmmm-m-m. I seem to have copied your material. Seriously, it’s pretty obvious what Microsoft is up to, so it’s not unusual we should both come to the same conclusion and write about it. I appreciate that you took the time and trouble to find old photos and compared the videos. Great! (Interestingly, the anti-spam word I was asked to type when entering this comment was “innovate.” Weird!)

    [OP edit, article here: ]

  2. Hey Gary, Neat analysis in your article. I wouldn’t say you copied my material at all. We have the same conclusions, but took different routes.

    LOL, funny coincidence with captcha. How ironic.

    FYI, the anti-spam words were developed before Microsoft section was added to the site, so some of the words (actually, many of the words) probably won’t apply to MS.

  3. Kev

    @OP Editor, Nice article conclusion punch line!

  4. Nice overview (and site). The detailed comparison of the Microsoft and Apple stores is pretty eye-opening. Looks like this pre-opening leaked sketch of the Microsoft Store wasn’t so far off the mark:

    Keep up the good writing!


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