Carl Bildt, Sweden’s former Prime Minister, Switched to a Mac

Friday, September 4, 2009
By OP Editor

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt at EU Brussels Forum

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt at EU Brussels Forum

Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Carl Bildt is currently Sweden’s foreign minister and Europe foreign policy coordinator. Qualified at his profession, charismatic, and not afraid to speak against status quo, Bildt is also a recent Mac convert.

Well versed in technology, on February 4, 1994, as Prime Minister of Sweden, Bildt sent an e-mail to U.S. President Bill Clinton. That e-mail was the first ever publicly known electronic mail sent between two heads of government.

Bill Clinton and Carl Bildt in a meeting

Bill Clinton and Carl Bildt in a meeting

Carl Bildt has published blogs since 2005. Carl Bildt’s current blog is one of the most widely read political blog in Sweden. He even opened a Swedish embassy in the virtual world Second Life in 2007, based on replica of the Swedish embassy building in Washington D.C.

Joining a number of world leaders with Mac and other Apple products. Bildt is a recent switcher to Apple computers.

Bildt talks about his experience with his new Mac (most likely to be an Apple laptop MacBook Pro) on his blog.

After a lot of thinking, testing and discussing i last week took the big step to switch from the world of Microsoft to the world of Mac. …

To say that i don’t regret taking the step is this months big understatement. My only criticism is of myself for waiting so long before taking the step.

Appears that Carl Bildt likes his Apple computer. =)

Sweden’s Foreign Minister calls his new Mac ‘a new world’ [tuaw]
Bildt to Last? [Foreign Policy]


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