Shaq, Shaquille O’Neal, Basketball Star, Winner of 4 NBA Championships, Mac User

Sunday, August 23, 2009
By OP Editor

Shaq, Shaquille O'Neal, Basketball Star, showing his tattoos

Shaq, Shaquille O'Neal, Basketball Star, showing his tattoos

Mac user Shaq, Shaquille O’Neal, is best known as basketball player, with thirteen time All-Star, two time All-Star MVP, three time NBA Finals MVP Award, and four NBA Championships under his belt.

Shaquille O’Neal is shown using his Apple Mac laptop (MacBook?) on an airplane.

Shaq, Shaquille O'Neal, using his Apple Mac Laptop in flight

Shaq, Shaquille O'Neal, using his Apple Mac Laptop in flight

After retiring from NBA, Shaquille O’Neal proved himself to be quite the Renaissance man.

Some of Shaq endeavors include:

  • Rapper, one of his songs was used for movie Pineapple Express
  • Actor with some minor roles
  • Training in martial arts
  • Attended police academy in Los Angeles, Shaq is a L.A. Port Police reserve officer

Shaquille O’Neal also has videos of him playing piano on his facebook page. Way better than me on a piano, but don’t quit your day job Shaq!

Shaquille O'Neal Reality TV Show, Shaq Competes Against Top  Athletes

Shaquille O'Neal Reality TV Show, Shaq competes against top athletes

Shaquille O’Neal is now starring in ABC’s reality TV show, “Shaq vs.” In the show, Shaquille O’Neal challenges top world athletes, such as

  • Baseball MVP Albert Pujols
  • Football star quarterback Ben Rothlisberger
  • Swimmer and Olympic Gold winner Michael Phelps
  • Beach Volleyball champions and Olympic Gold winner Misty Kerri Walsh and May-Treanor
  • Boxer Oscar de la Hoya
  • Tennis champion Serena Williams

Looks like quite a test for the quite confident Shaq. The trailer is pretty funny with a bit of banter. Shaq vs. started airing in August 2009.

Photo: Shaq on his Apple laptop [Macrumors forums member "yoppie", via Shaq's twitpic] circa April 2009
Shaq-Vs [ABC] (flash content)
Shaq’s Piano Skills Video [Shaq's Facebook] (flash content)


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