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Friday, August 14, 2009
By OP Editor

Reston Apple Store, Reston Town Center, Reston VA

Reston Apple Store, Reston Town Center, Reston VA

For those of you coming to Reston Apple Store opening on Saturday August 15, 2009, 10AM, but don’t know the area:

Reston Apple Store entrance is outdoors (if you can’t figure it out from the photo yet), so you can probably start the queue at any time.

Parking, the street parking are mostly 1 hour. Many parking buildings and parking lots are free and very close by. The closest one is at corner of Library St and Bluemont Way. That lot better not be full when I get there. =p

Apple Reston Store Address Glitch

Again, note address first listed on apple web site, 11900 Market Street, is the building address. If you use that you’ll be a block away at Discovery St, at the large fountain.

Well, 11949 Market Street, Reston VA is the address posted on the store window. That seems to be the correct address, but google maps will also put you a block away, nearĀ Explorer St.

The actual Reston Apple Store is near Library St.

Now it’s google map’s problem, as google map puts the actual address a block away on its map. Maybe it’s because Reston Town Center is so new that some of the information were entered improperly. In summary. First address listed is 1 block away, but mapping the correct address on google map is also 1 block away.

Maybe I need to work for either Apple or Google to get these details right? Actually the current map location put you near the other fountain. I think the folks at Reston town center really like their fountains.

Thanks to Virginia / Washington DC area competence, just like the people depicted in George Clooney’s movie Burn After Reading. I blame the water. Studies did find trace amount of prosac in the water in the DC metro area, FYI. Hum fountains, water, brains…. sorry got a little side tracked there.

You won’t miss the store either way, as you should be able to see a crowd gathering somewhere.

Reston Apple Store Real Address Map

Reston Apple Store Real Address Map


Food (and washroom) info:
Download Dining Guide PDF for a list of restaurants at Reston Town Center.

If you are there early:

Panara Bread map is listed in the PDF as opening at 7am Sat. When I called to confirm just 15 minutes ago, some guy says they are open at 6am, but I would say they’ll open at 7am just to be safe. They are suppose to have wifi but I can’t get it to work at this location the last time I tried, over a year ago.

Cosi opens at 9am Sat. Their web site says no wifi but they do have wifi the last time I tried.

Anyway, hope to see some of you tomorrow. I’ll have the Pacman stickers with me. Can’t miss me. I’ll have the Obama Pacman on my 17″ iPod (MacBook Pro) and wearing something black and special.

Photos shoot with Apple iPhone 3gs

Reston Apple Store Address Updates, moved here from the 3 New Apple Store Openings Article

August 11, Update 1:

Went to Reston Town Center for lunch and to snap some photos. Surprisingly the store is not where 11900 should be. Upon closer inspection the Reston Apple Store has a different number than the number listed on other web sites.

Well, either the store front has the wrong number on it or someone gave Apple the wrong street address. Maybe they have a different address for receiving mail and packages? It’s likely that someone gave Apple the mailing address, not the street address.

August 11, Update 2:

Went back again later in the day to pick up some dinner. The area near the front door was fenced and there was security, as they were tweaking some things near the store entrance. I mentioned about the address discrepancy, and the gentleman in charge called to inform them of the issue. A nice girl from Apple Corporate came out and thanked me for bringing it up. I got a small gift! =) I’ll show it on Saturday.

Again, for those who don’t believe the photo above, 11900 Market Street is a generic building address, not the exact location of the Reston Apple Store.

August 14, Update 3:
Made the above guide.

August 15, Launch Day:
It looks like Apple has updated the address to the correct street address, but now google maps has a problem, described above.


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