3 New Apple Store openings, Naperville IL, Reston VA, Toronto Canada this Saturday

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
By OP Editor

Apple launching new Apple Stores on August 15, 2009!
Naperville, Illinois, near Chicago
Reston, Virginia, near Washington DC, Photos of Reston Apple Store Launch Day
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, near Toronto

Apple Store Bethesda Row, MD, Washington DC

Apple Store Bethesda Row, MD, Washington DC area

Apple Store openings are quite a lot of fun! If you are an Apple fan but never been to an Apple Store opening, you should definitely check it out. It’s quite an experience.

You get to hang out with lots of happy Apple fans, sometimes celebrities, athletes, and on rare occasions, see a marriage proposal. Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, or Woz (also seen on Dancing with the Stars), often visits the Apple Store in his area.

Steve Wozniak at Valley Fair Apple Store, San Jose, CA

Steve Wozniak at Valley Fair Apple Store, San Jose, CA

If you get in line early enough, you get to have cheering Apple Store Creative, Genius, Concierge, and Specialist welcoming you to the new, virgin, pristine, shiny Apple Store. And you might get a limited edition t-shirt too.

August 15, 2009 Apple Store Openings:
Naperville, Illinois
Reston, Virginia
Mississauga near Toronto, Canada

The new Apple Store, Reston is located at the tony Reston Town Center. Set to open this Saturday at 10AM.

The address is 11900 Market Street (note as of Tuesday August 11, a number of sites including Apple seemed to have the wrong address, which is about a block away). The store front shows 11949 Market Street as address, but there is a wrinkle. Explained in the Exact Location of Reston Town Center Apple Store article. (I got a small gift from someone from Apple Corporate for my attention to details.)

Apple Site lists Wrong Address for Reston Store: 11900 Market St Reston VA

Oops, someone gave Apple the wrong address for Reston Store... 11900 Market St. Reston VA is the building address not the actual store address

Apple Store Reston Town Center, actually at 11949 Market St, Reston VA?

Update 1: Apple Store Reston Town Center, actually at 11949 Market St, Reston VA

The new Naperville, Illinois Apple Store, officially called Apple Store, Main Place is located at 120 West Jefferson Avenue, close to the corner of South Main Street. Set to open at 10AM central this Saturday.

In Canada, near Toronto, at the Square One mall, Mississauga, Ontario, is the new Apple Store, Square One. Opening 9:30AM this Saturday.

No date yet:
Augusta, Georgia

The Augusta Apple Store is located in Augusta Mall in Augusta, Georgia. There is no word on an official opening date or time yet. Although if you only skimmed the source article title and first paragraphs you might have thought they are opening this Saturday.

Visit OP Writer:
The OP Writer will be at Reston Apple Store opening! Can’t miss me. I’ll have the Obama Pacman sticker on my 17″ iPod, AKA Apple MacBook Pro 17″. Hope to see you there!

Apple to open stores in Augusta, Reston, Naperville [Macnn]
Steve Woz at Apple Store [Macrumors Forums]
Couple Engaged at Apple Store Opening [iphonesavior]


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