George W. Bush Can Haz iPod [video]

Monday, July 20, 2009
By OP Editor

George W. Bush shows off his Apple iPod

George W. Bush shows off his Apple iPod

On George Walker Bush and his Apple iPods

Yes, you are glad you don’t have to see his face in office again after January 2009. But do you know the former president have a couple of iPods? Here is an older video from when G. W. Bush was still the President.

George W. Bush was in an interview and all of a sudden the topic turned to his iPod. His assistant got his iPod promptly, and he started talking about some of the songs on his iPod.

Bush then mentioned that, “Bono came in and dropped off this iPod for me”. Wow, that’s some special delivery, Bono from U2.

Bush also has an iPod shuffle. He calls it “pretty high tech stuff”. And what’s an interview with G.W. Bush without any chuckles? Don’t worry that’s there too.

Video commented by Sky News Washington


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